Topic Name Description

Course outline

File Detailed guidelines for the completion of this course


1. Οδηγός για τη συγγραφή εργασιών (Guide to Assignment writing) File Guide to Assignment Writing

Extensive guidelines on your assignment writing.

2. Οδηγός για την προετοιμασία παρουσιάσεων (Guide to oral Power-point presentation) File A guide to ORAL PRESENTATION with the use of Power-point

A step-by-step guide as to how to organise and carry out your oral presentation with the use of power-point.

URL A concise guide to giving a great power-point presentation

A short presentation on some major mistakes you need to avoid when preparing a power-point presentation.

File How to give a successful oral presentation

Useful tips, information, etc. on how to give a successful presentation

3. Παράφραση (Paraphrasing) URL How to paraphrase

An extensive guide (with examples) on how to paraphrase.

4. Συνδετικές λέξεις (Linking devices & Reporting verbs) File Reporting verbs

A useful list of some basic reporting verbs and their functions.

File Linking devices

A useful list of linking words, categorised according to function.

URL Exercise on linking words

Having studied the material on linking devices, try to carry out this exercise, practising your knowledge so far.

5. Συγγραφή παραγράφων (Paragraph writing) URL Academic paragraph writing

An extensive guide to paragraph writing

URL Paragraph builder

Step-by-step directions for organising and writing a good paragraph.

URL Exercise on Paragraph writing

Try to do this exercise to practise how to organise sentences into paragraphs.

6. Περιγραφή γραφημάτων (Describing graphs) File How to describe graphs and charts

graphs and charts

File Writing about charts, graphs, etc.

graphs, charts

9. Αναφορές βιβλιογραφίας (Citing and Referencing) URL Referencing

Go to the left bar and click on the coloured heading "REFERENCES" (between 'Genres' and 'Citation'). It presents in detail how you should write your sources in your REFERENCES section at the end of your paper, providing specific examples for each category.

File Citing

An analytical guide as to how to cite your sources.

Useful sources URL The official site of the European Union

European Union

URL Project Syndicate

project syndicate


Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists

URL Google Scholar

google scholar

Sample assignments & presentations File Sample assignment - A

assignment 1

File Sample presentation - A


File Sample assignment - B


File Sample presentation - B



Here are the dates and topics of your presentations. CAREFUL: I have changed the presentation date for the last two groups, from 21st to 22nd of May, as there were too many presentations on 21st. If there is a problem, please contact me.

Folder Presentations and written assignments 2014

Here you can find the presentations and written assignments, as these are presented in class throughout the semester. You can CONSULT THEM but DO NOT COPY THEM!

File Instructions and Sample questions

Here are instructions about your final oral exam, accompanied by sample questions to help you prepare.